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20.20.....U.S., satellite bus, see LS-2020.

2000.....U.S., satellite bus, see Ball 2000.

2001 MARS ODYSSEY.....U.S., satellite, Mars orbit. See MARS ODYSSE or MARS ODYSSE 2001.

2020.....U.S., satellite bus, see LS-2020.

20A.....U.S., satellite, STS-?, ISS 20A, U.S. Node 3. First launch 2005/07/00

21st Space Wing.....U.S., Air Force, organization. Peterson AFB, CO operates a global network of missile warning centers including tactical monitoring and attack assessment of sea-launched and ICBM attacks against the United States and operates the world's only global space surveillance network providing data on man-made objects in space to Cheyenne Mountain and other national agencies. Part of the 14th Air Force.

240 GK N0 1L.....Russia, satellite, see PIRS.

244.....U.S., satellite, program, Large Multi-Purpose Synchronous Satellite.

266.....U.S., satellite, program, Integrated Reconnaissance/Early Warning System. Became AFP-949.

27KS.....Russia, satellite, manned, Space station. See MIR complex.

287.....U.S., satellite, program, MOL (Manned Orbital Laboratory); See also AFP-632.

2A.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA. Pressurized mating adapters 1 & 2 (PMA-1 & PMA-2} ISS. First launch 1998/12/04

2A.1.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA. Spacehab Double Cargo module. First launch 1999/05/27

2A.2A.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA, SPACEHAB - Maintenance Flight, STS-101. First launch 2000/05/19

2A.2b.....U.S., satellite, 2000-053A, ATLANTIS, LEO, ISS 2A.2b completed, SPACEHAB, STS-106, Kennedy LC39B. First launch 2000/9/8

2D.....Russia, satellite, see ELEKTRON.

2J/A.....U.S., satellite, STS-?, ISS 2J/A, Japanese Experiment Module - Exposed Section (JEM-ES) Cupola. First launch 2005/00/00

2M.....Russia, satellite, see MARS.

2MS.....Russia, satellite, technology.

- COSMOS 3, 1962/04/24, Kapustin Yar, Kosmos, LEO

- COSMOS 5, 1962/05/28, Kapustin Yar, Kosmos, LEO. First launch 1962/04/24

2MV-1.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus. See SPUTNIK 19. 1962/08/25

2MV-2.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus. See VENERA. First launch 1961/02/04

2MV-3.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, MARS. See MARS. First launch 1962/11/04

2MV-4.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Mars. See MARS. First launch 1962/10/24

2P.....Russia, satellite, 2000-073A, PROGRESS, M1-4, LEO, ISS 2P, Cargo for ISS, Soyuz-U, Baykonur LC1. First launch 2000/11/16

2R.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA, see Expedition crew.

2R.....Russia, satellite, 2000-070A, SOYUZ TM-31, LEO, ISS 2R, Expedition 1 Crew, Soyuz-U, Baykonur LC1. First launch 2000/10/31

2S.....Russia, satellite, 2001-017A, SOYUZ TM-32, LEO, ISS 2S, Soyuz-U, Baykonur LC1. First launch 2001/04/28

2V (V-69).....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus see VENERA 05. First launch 1969/01/05

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