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40 KS.....U.S., launch vehicle motor, see Algol IIA.

4000 B2.....France, Alcatel, satellite bus. Small satellite use.

410.....U.S. NASA, program. See Explorer Program, Code 410.

45th Space Wing.....U.S., Air Force. Organization that overseas USAF operations at Cape Canaveral, FL, and manages the Eastern Test Range. Part of the U.S. Space Command which owns and operates the Space Surveillance Network (SSN), Space Control Center, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, CO. Tracks over 8000 manmade objects in orbit. Part of the 14th Air Force. Employs over 10,000, manages 16,000 acres of the CCAFS, Patrick AFB., and U.S. Eastern Range which spas 15 million square miles of instrumented airspace. Commercial operations, e.g. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, are responsible for their vehicle pads and processing facilities. The CCAFS, Eastern Range, and KSC makeup the Cape Canaveral Space Port.

470L.....U.S., DoD System Management, Communications Satellite System.

480S.....Japan, launch vehicle motor, used on the Lambda-4S. stage 4. Thrust 1795 lbf (7.98 kN), pressure ? psi (? bar),

498L.....U.S., satellite, DoD System Management Codes, MILSTAR SatCom.

4A.....U.S., ISSA, satellite, manned, Integrated truss. First launch 2000/012/1

4M.....Russia, satellite, see MARS.

4P.....Russia, satellite, 2001-021A, PROGRESS M1-6, LEO, ISS 4P, Cargo for ISS, Soyuz-FG, Baykonur LC1. First launch 2001/05/20

4R.....U.S., ISSA, satellite, manned, PIRS Docking Compartment (DC1) 1. First launch 2001/09/14

4S.....Russia, satellite, 2002-020A, Soyuz- TM, Taxi Flight, ISS 4S. First launch 2002/04/25

4V.....Russia, satellite, Also known as SA VENERI. See VENERA.

4V-1.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus. See VENERA 09. First launch 1975/06/08

4V-2.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus. See VENERA 15. First launch 1983/06/02

4V-I.....Russia, satellite, Planetary, Venus. See VENERA. First launch 1981/11/04

4Ya11.....Russia, satellite, Military, ASAT. See IS-A. First launch 1976/02/16

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