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623A.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, United Technology Corp.,Large Solid-Propellant Launch Vehicle Rocket Motor. See WS.

624A.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Titan III, SLV-5. See WS.

63C1.....Russia, launch vehicle. Also known as Kosmos. V38 #12}

63CM.....Russia, launch vehicle. Also known as 11K63. V38 #12}

63S1.....Ukraine, Launch Vehicle, see Kosmos 11K63. First launch 1961/10/26

63SM.....Ukraine, Launch Vehicle, see Kosmos 11K63, or Kosmos 2I. First launch 1966/05/24

63SM1.....Ukraine, launch vehicle, see Kosmos 2M or Kosmos 63SM1. First launch 1982/06/04

641.....U.S., satellite, program, maybe MIDAS.

647.....U.S. Air Force, Project 647 DEFENSE SUPPORT PROGRAM SATELLITES. See DSP.

648A.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, AGENA D. See WS.

651.....China, project, develop , see Project 651.

65MP.....Ukraine, launch vehicle, article number, see Kosmos SI. First launch 1982/06/04

65S3.....Ukraine, Launch Vehicle, article number, also known as Kosmos 2, see Kosmos. First launch 1964/08/18

675 .....See AFP-675

694BH.....U.S., satellite, meteorological. Also known as PROGRAM 694BH. temporary USAF program designation for NRO PROGRAM 417 DMSP. Satellite launched through 1963 designated as Block 1. Satellites launched in 1964 designated as Block 2. See DMSP.

698AA.....U.S., satellite, program, Bioastronautic Orbiting Space System.

698AM.....U.S., satellite, program, Manned Space Satellite Surveillance System, related to 823.

6A.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA, 2001-016A, ENDEAVOUR, CANADARM (Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS)), Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), (Lab outfitting), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna, LEO, ISS 6A completed, ISS arm, STS-100, Kennedy LC39A. First launch 2001/4/19

6P.....Russia, satellite, 2001-051A, PROGRESS M1-7, ISS 6P, Cargo for ISS, Soyuz-FG, Baykonur LC1. First launch 2001/11/26

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