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911.....China, project, develop , see Project 911.

920.....U.S., satellite, program, Photographic Satellite.

921.....China, project, satellite, manned, started in 1996. See project 921.

980.....U.S., satellite, program, Electromagnetic Signal Monitoring Satellite.

989.....U.S., see P-11.

9A.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA, ATLANTIS, STS-112, ISS 9A, First starboard truss segment (Integrated Truss Structure Starboard 1 ITS S1), Radiators Crew & Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) Cart A, Kennedy LC39. First launch 2002/10/07,

9A.1.....U.S., satellite, manned, ISSA, Russian Science Platform (SPP).

9K.....Russia, satellite, manned, Logistics. See SOYUZ-B.

9K72 Elbrus.....Russia, launch vehicle, article number, Missile Scud.

9P.....Russia, satellite, Soyuz, Logistics (Progress-M1), ISS 9P. First launch 2002/00/00

9R.....Russia, satellite, Proton, ISS 9R, Proton, Docking and Stowage Module (DSM). Also known as ENETERPRISE. First launch 2005/03/00

9th Academy.....China, organization, see China Academy of Space Electronics Technology.

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