Press Release

The newly published book: Spacecraft and Satellites Dictionary, 2007 Unabridged Edition, is a listing in alphabetical order, of more than 8,100 names and designations with explanations and descriptions of the following;

1) spacecraft, satellites, space probes, interplanetary probes, space ships;
2) astronauts, cosmonauts, yuhangyuans;
3) launch vehicles, stages, missiles, rockets, engines, motors, propellants, navigation, guidance systems;
4) launch sites, landing sites, space ports;
5) companies and organizations (private, government, non profit);
6) orbits, trajectories, flight paths;
7) relevant mathematical equations;
8) designations, names, international names, acronyms, abbreviations, missions.

Also, included is a complete listing of all 6,800 spacecraft launches between 1957 and 2006 in alphabetical order.

Spacecraft and Satellites Dictionary; 2007 Unabridged Edition, contains 8100 entries, referenced, 400 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 54 B&W figures, 55 tables, soft cover, comb binding, published in 2007, ISBN 978-0-9711657-2-4 .

Cost: $39.95 U.S., plus shipping and handling per copy. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Go to Order Form, Credit Card, Paypal, or check.

Updated 4/25/2007