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F & G Elements.....Orbital component. A system of elements used to avoid low eccentricity and low inclination difficulties with the Keplerian element set, known as equinoctial elements. Includes AF, AG, χ (chi), ψ (psi), L and N. AF and AG are each functions of both eccentricity and argument of perigee. AF and AG are used because Keplerian argument of perigee is ambiguous for nearly circular orbits, where e approaches zero. χ and ψ are each functions of both inclination (i) and right ascension of the ascending node (Ω). χ and ψ are used because the Keplerian right ascension is ambiguous for low inclination orbits where i approaches zero. L contains the satellite's mean anomaly, N is its mean motion.

F. Marion LPA 249.....USS F. Marion LPA 249, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: APOLLO 8.

F-1.....Launch vehicle motor, thrust 1,552,000 lbf (6900 kN), pressure 950 psi (65.5 bar), liquid propellant LOX/RP-1. Used on S-IC, Stage 1 Saturn V launch vehicle.

F-1.....425 lbs (193 kg) LEO. First launch 1974/06/13

F-1-m.....Russia, launch vehicle., Sheldon Name F-1-m. See SL-11, Tsyklon, Sheldon Name F-1-m.

F-1-r.....Russia, launch vehicle. Sheldon Name F-1-r. See Sl or SL-10 Tsyklon.

F-2.....Russia, launch vehicle., 8800 lbs (4000 kg) LEO. Sheldon Name F-2See SL-14 or Tsyklon.

FAA.....U.S., organization, Federal Aviation Administration, part of the U.S. Government, Executive Branch. The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Office of the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST) licenses and regulates U.S. commercial space launch activity as authorized by Executive Order 12465 and Commercial Space Launch Activities, Title 49 of the United States Code, Subtitle IX, Chapter 701 (formerly the Commercial Space Launch Act of 1984). FAA/AST's mission is to regulate the U.S. commercial launch industry; license commercial launch operations to ensure public health and safety and the safety of property; and protect national security and foreign policy interests of the United States during commercial launch operations. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration is directed to encourage, facilitate, and promote commercial space launches.

Fabian, John.....U.S., astronaut, STS-7, 1983/06/18, STS-51G (18), 1985/06/17. First launch 1983/06/18


failure.....échec (Fr),, scheitem (D).

Fairbanks.....Alaska, location 650 N, 1480 W. See ESTRACK.

FAISAT.....U.S., satellite, communication. 26 satellite constellation. FINAL ANALYSIS SATELLITE.

- FAISAT 1, 1995/01/24, Plesetsk, SL-8, LEO.

First launch 1995/01/24

FAITH 7.....U.S., satellite, manned spacecraft MERCURY, MA-9. First launch 1963/05/15

FAITH SEVEN.....U.S., see FAITH 7.

FAKEL.....Russia, satellite. First launch

Falcon.....U.S., launch vehicle, SpaceX,

- Falcon 1, 2 stage, 1472 lbm (688 kg) LEO. Stage1, Merlin. Stage 2, Kestrel.

- Falcon 5, 2 stage, 9000 lbm (4090 kg) LEO, 5 Merlin 1B, 1 Merlin 1A.

- Falcon 9, 2 stage, 20,000 lbm (9090 kg) LEO, 9 Merlin 1 B, 1 Merlin 1A.

FALCON.....Russia, satellite, manned, VOSTOK 3, (FALCON), launched by SL-3, Tyuratam, Cosmonaut, Andrian Nikolayev, R 1962/08/15. First launch 1962/08/11

FALCON.....U.S., satellite, manned spacecraft APOLLO 15, LM-10. See ENDEAVOR CMS-112. First launch 1971/07/26

FALCON.....U.S., satellite, military technology development, LEO SSO. First launch 2000/01/26

FALCON GOLD.....U.S., satellite, military technology development, see FALCON.

FALCONSAT.....U.S., USAF, satellite, scientific, GEO. See FALCON.

Falstaff.....Australia, rocket, sounding, upper atmospheric research. First launch 1969/00/00

FAME.....U.S., NASA, satellite, scientific, FULL SKY ASTROMETRIC MAPPING EXPLORER. First launch 2004/00/00

Fang Bao.....China, launch vehicle, see Feng Bao, or FB-1.

fanhui shi weixing.....China, Recoverable Satellite .

FANHUI SHI WEIXING.....China, satellite, scientific, LEO. Carrying plants and animals for zero-gravity studies. Also known as homing, recoverable, or retrievable satellites. FANHUI SHI WEIXING is Chinese for recoverable test satellite, FSW. Part of SKW series of satellites. May be also known as JIANBING. Disagreement exists between the references as to the return date and satellite series.

- FSW 2 3, 1996/10/30, Jiuquan, CZ-2D, LEO, returned 1996/11/04.

- FSW1, 1975/11/26, Jiuquan, CZ-2, PRC 7, returned, 11/29, FSW-0 series

- FSW2, 1976/12/07, Jiuquan, CZ-2, PRC 11, returned, 12/10, FSW-0 series

- FSW3, 1978/01/26, Jiuquan, CZ-2, PRC 12, returned, 01/29, FSW-0 series

- FSW4, 1982/09/09, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 15, returned, 09/14, FSW-0 series

- FSW5, 1983/08/19, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 16, returned, 08/24, FSW-1 series

- FSW6, 1984/09/12, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 19, returned, 09/17, FSW-1 series

- FSW7, 1985/10/21, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 20, returned, 10/26, FSW-1 series

- FSW8, 1986/10/06, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 22, returned, 10/11, FSW-1 series

- FSW9, 1987/08/05, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 23, returned, 08/10, FSW-1 series

- FSW10, 1987/09/09, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 24, returned, 09/17

- FSW11, 1988/08/05, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 26, returned, 08/13

- FSW12, 1990/10/05, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 33, returned, 10/13, PRC 33, FSW 1 F12

- FSW13, 1992/08/09, Jiuquan, CZ-2D, PRC 36, returned, 08/25, PRC 35, FSW 2-1

- FSW14, 1992/10/06, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 38, returned, 10/13, PRC 36, FSW 1-13

- FSW15, 1993/10/08, Jiuquan, CZ-2C, PRC 40, with flown covers, but not returned, PRC 36, FSW 1 F5

- FSW16, 1994/07/03, Jiuquan, CZ-2D, PRC 42, with flown covers, returned, 07/18

- FSW17, 1996/10/20, Jiuquan, CZ-2D, PRC 52, returned, 11/04

First launch 1975/11/26

FANT.....U.S. & West Indies, organization, Antigua Island, USAF ETR tracking station.


FAR UV.....U.S., satellite, see FUSE.


Faris, Mohammed.....Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ TM 03, 1987/07/22. First launch 1987/07/22

Farkas, Bertalan.....Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ 36, 1980/05/26. First launch 1980/05/26

FASAT-ALFA.....Chile, satellite, oceanographic, LEO. Launched at Plesetsk by SL-14, LEO. FASAT-BRAVO, 2nd satellite. First launch 1995/08/31

FASAT-BRAVO.....Chile, satellite, see FASAT-ALFA.

FAST.....U.S. NASA, satellite, scientific, LEO. FAST AURORAL SNAPSHOT EXPLORER. Launched at WTR by Pegasus-XL. First launch 1996/08/21



Favier, Jean-Jacques.....France, astronaut, STS-78, 1996/06/20. First launch 1996/06/20

FB-1.....China, launch vehicle. (Fang Bao or Feng Bao or storm) older but related to the CZ-2, manufactured by Shanghai Space Bureau, capable of placing 2600 lbs (1200 kg) into LEO. Used only at JSLC. 1972/08/10

FCAL.....U.S., satellite, NRL FENCE CALIBRATION sphere. . First launch 2006/12/21

FEDSAT.....Australia & UK, satellite, technology. Built by CRCSS. First launch 2002/12/14

femtosatellite.....Satellite, weight less than 0.22 lbs (0.1 kg kg)

FEN YUN.....China, satellite, see FENG YUN.

FENCE CALIBRATION .....U.S., satellite, see FCAL.

feng bao.....China, Storm .

feng yun.....China, Wind and Cloud .

Feng Bao.....China, launch vehicle. See FB-1.

FENG YUN.....China, satellite, meteorological SSO or GEO. Means wind and cloud The name was originally applied to the Chinese polar-orbiting meteorological satellite launched in September 1991 (FENG YUN 1-2), which offered direct readout services. The Chinese polar-orbiter program has since been abandoned. Also known as FY.

First launch 1988/09/07

fengyun.....China, see feng yun.

FENGYUN.....China, satellite. See FENG YUN.

Feniks.....Russia, Phoenix.

FENIKS.....Russia, satellite, photo reconnaissances, LEO. First version of YANTAR Satellites. 30 satellites in FENIKS series. Design bureau name is YANTAR-2K. Ministry of Defense name is FENIKS. First launch 1974/05/23

Feoktistov, Konstantin.....Russia, cosmonaut, VOSKHOD 1, (RUBY), 1964/10/12. First launch 1964/10/12

Ferguson, Christopher.....U.S., astronaut, STS-115, 2006/09/09. First launch 2006/09/09

fernmeldesatellit.....Communication satellite in German.

FERRET.....U.S., satellite, reconnaissance, LEO. Classified (Code 711) or (Program 102) or (698BK) renamed Program 770 in 1965, second generation U.S. Air Force electromagnetic reconnaissance satellite or signals intelligence (SIGINT). FERRETS satellites were supplemented with subsatellites. FERRETS during the 1960's were in 2 categories, heavy FERRETS and FERRET subsstellites. Heavy FERRETS were directs decedents of the SAMOS program and were also known as Agena FERRETS or SAMOS F-2. See FERRET SUBSATELLITES, ELINT, RHYOLITE.

- FERRET 1 (1962▴1), 1962/02/21, WTR, Thor Agena B, LEO, decayed 1962/03/04

- FERRET 2 (1962Ω), 1962/06/18, WTR, Thor Agena B, LEO, decayed 1963/10/29

- FERRET 3 (1963 3A), 1963/01/16, WTR, Thor Agena D, LEO, decayed 1969/01/09

- FERRET 4 (1963 25A), 1963/06/19, WTR, TAT Agena B, LEO, decayed 1963/07/26

- FERRET 5 (1964 11A), 1964/02/28, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1969/02/19

- FERRET 6 (1964 35A), 1964/07/03, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1964/06/18

- FERRET 7 (1964 72A), 1964/11/04, WTR, TAT Agana D, LEO, decayed 1969/11/05

- FERRET 8 (1965 54A), 1965/07/17, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1968/12/18

- FERRET 9 (1966 9A), 1966/02/09, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1969/09/26

- FERRET 10 (1966 118A), 1966/12/29, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1969/04/05

- FERRET 11 (1967 71A), 1967/07/25, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1969/06/05

- FERRET 12 (1968 4A), 1968/01/17, WTR, TAT Agena D, LEO, decayed 1970/07/07

- FERRET 13 (1968 86A), 1968/10/05, WTR, Thorad Agena D, LEO, decayed 1971/03/26

- FERRET 14 (1969 65A), 1969/07/31, WTR, Thorad Agena D, LEO, decayed 1973/01/04

- FERRET 15 (1970 66A), 1970/08/26, WTR, Thorad Agena D, LEO, decayed 1975/03/26

- FERRET 16 (1971 60A), 1971/07/16, WTR, Thorad Agena D, LEO, decayed 1978/08/31

Titan II Ferrets

- USA-32 (1988-72A), 1988/09/05, WTR, Titan 23G, LEO

- USA-45 (1989-72A), 1989/09/05, WTR, Titan 23G, LEO

- USA-81 (1992-23A), 1992/04/22, WTR, Titan 23G, LEO

First launch 1962/02/21

FERRET SUBSATELLITES.....U.S., satellite, reconnaissance, LEO. Classified (Code 711) or (Program 102), supplemented FERRET satellites. Launched attached to the aft rack of the Agena and fired a solid rocket motor to enter into a higher orbit. All were launched at the WTR except the 1989 STS launch.

Type A Missions, orbital perigees around 300 km

P-11 (1), 1963/03/18, TAT Agena D, FTO

P-11 (2) (1963 25B), 1963/06/27, TAT Agena D, LEO

SS A3 (1963 42B), 1963/10/29, TAT Agana D, LEO

SS A4 (1963-55B), 1963/12/21, TAT Agena D, LEO

SS A5 (1964-36B), 1964/07/06, Atlas Agena D, LEO

P-11 (6) (1964-45B), 1964/08/14, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS-A7 (1964-68B), 1964/10/23, Atlas Agena D, LEO

Type B Missions, orbital perigees around 500 km

SS B1 (1965-31B), 1965/04/28, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B2 (1965-50A), 1965/06/25, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B3 (1965-62B), 1965/08/03, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B4 (1966-39B), 1966/05/14, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B5 (1966-74B), 1966/08/16, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B6 (1966-83B), 1966/09/16, Atlas Agena D, LEO

SS B7 (1967-43B), 1967/05/09, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B8 (1967-62B), 1967/06/16, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B9 (1967-109B), 1967/11/02, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B10 (1968-08B), 1968/01/24, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B11 (1968-20B), 1968/03/14, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B12 (1968-52B), 1968/06/20, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B13 (1968-78B), 1968/09/18, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B14 (1969-26B), 1969/03/19, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B15 (1969-41B), 1969/05/02, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B16 (1969-79B), 1969/09/22, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B17 (1969-82A), 1969/09/30, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B18 (1970-16B), 1970/03/04, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B19 (1970-40B), 1970/05/20, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B20 (1970-98B), 1970/11/18, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B21 (1971-76B), 1971/10/10, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS B22 (1972-02D), 1972/01/20, Titan 23D, LEO

SS B23 (1972-52C), 1972/07/07, Titan 23D, LEO

SS B24 (1973-88B), 1973/11/10, Titan 23D, LEO

SS B25 (1974-20C), 1974/04/10, Titan 23D, LEO

SS B26 (1974-85B), 1974/10/29, Titan 23D, LEO

Type C Mission, orbital perigees around 1400 km

SS C1 (1968-112B), 1968/12/12, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS C2 (1969-10B), 1969/02/05, Thorad Agena D, LEO

SS C3 (1972-79C), 1972/10/10, Titan 23D, LEO

SS C4 (1973-88D), 1973/11/10, Titan 23D, LEO

SS C5 SSU-A (1975-51C), 1975/06/08, Titan 23D, LEO

SS C6 (1980-52C), 1980/06/18, Titan 23D, LEO

SS C7 (1983-60C), 1983/06/20, Titan 23D, LEO

Type D Mission

SS D1 (1976-65C), 1976/07/08, Titan 23D, LEO

SS D2 (1978-29B), 1978/03/16, Titan 23D, LEO

SS D3 (1979-25B), 1979/03/16, Titan 23D, LEO

SS D4 (1982-41C), 1982/05/11, Titan 23D, LEO

SS D5 (1984-65C), 1984/06/25, Titan 23D, LEO

SS D6 (1986-F03), 1986/04/18, Titan 23D, FTO

Unidentified subsatellite

USA-41 (1989-61C), 1989/08/08, ETR, STS 028, LEO

First launch 1963/03/18

Fettman, Martin.....U.S., astronaut, STS-58, 1993/10/18. First launch 1993/10/18

feuerrad.....Germany, firewheel.

FF.....France. Abbreviation for French Francs, currency of France.

FFD.....U.S. & Canada, organization. See NASA STDN tracking station, Newfoundland, Canada. Closed.

FG-46.....China, launch vehicle motor, Thrust 39,000 lbf ( 177 kN), pressure ? psi ( ? bar), propellant HTPB.

FG-47.....China, launch vehicle motor. Thrust 2425 lbf (10.7 kN), pressure ? psi (? bar), propellant HTPB.

FGB.....Russia, satellite, ISSA, LEO. 1st element FUNCTIONAL CARGO BLOCK for ISSA. Funktsionalno-Gruzovoi Block. Also known as ZARYA. FGB 2 built by Khrunichev.

FIA.....U.S., satellite, electro optical. FUTURE IMAGERY ARCHITECTURE.

FiatAvio.....Italy, company, aerospace. Address: Fiat Avio SPA., Via Nizza 312, 10127 Turin, Italy.

Figg.....Norse, goddess of queens, love, creativity.

Filipchenko, Anatoli.....Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ 07, 1969/10/12, SOYUZ 16, 1974/12/02. First launch 1969/10/12

Filiptchenko, Anatoli.....Russia, cosmonaut. See Filipchenko

Fin stabilization.....See Guidance.

Final Velocity.....The maximum speed of a vehicle. See Rocket Engine.


Fincke, Michael.....U.S., astronaut, Soyuz TMA 04, 2004/04/19. First launch 2004/04/19

Finland.....Member of ESA

Finmeccanica.....Italy, aerospace company, created by Alenia, Agusta and Oto Breda and divesting Saia Marchettin in 1995. Address: Piazza Montograppa 4, I-00195, Rome, Italy. Partnerships: Globalstar: partner; Alcatel, EADS, Loral Space & Communications.

Fire.....U.S. re-entry test, sub orbital. Launched at ETR by Atlas X259.

- Fire 1, 1964/04/14.

- Fire 2, 1965/05/22.

First launch 1964/04/14

FIREWHEEL.....France, satellite. Launched at Kourou by Ariane 1 L02, FTO. First launch 1980/05/23

First launch.....The date when a space vehicle/space craft, rocket or satellite (which is the first in a series) is first launched. It may or may not have been successful.

First satellite launch.....The following is a list of the first satellite launch by country.

First satellite launch




First Successful








































FIRST.....Europe, ESA, satellite, scientific. FAR INFRARED AND SUB-MILLIMETER SPACE TELESCOPE. Renamed HERSCHEL SPACE OBSERVATORY First launch 2007/00/00


Fisher, Anna.....U.S., astronaut, STS-51A (14), 1984/11/08, STS-51I (20), 1985/08/27. First launch 1984/11/08

Fisher, William.....U.S., astronaut, STS-051i, 1985/08/27. First launch 1985/08/27

Flade, Klaus-Dietrich.....Germany, cosmonaut, SOYUZ TM-14, 1992/03/17. First launch 1992/03/17


Fletcher DD 445.....USS Fletcher DD 445, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 9.

FlexBus.....Satellite bus, Dornier Satellite Systems (DSS) GmbH, LEO.

flight.....vol (Fr),, flug (D).

flight engineer.....bortinzhener (Russia).

flight participant.....Uchastnik poleta (Russia).

Flight Research Center.....U.S., NASA, organization. P.O. Box 273, Edwards CA 93523. Became Hugh L. Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA 93523.

flotte recuperation.....French for recovery force.

FLTSATCOM.....U.S. Navy, satellite, communications, GEO. FLEET SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Proved worldwide high-priority UHF communications between aircraft, shops, submarines and ground stations. Replaced by UHF FOLLOW-ON or UFO.

- FLTSATCOM A, 1978/02/09, ETR, Atlas Centaur, GEO.

- FLTSATCOM B, 1979/05/04, ETR, Atlas Centaur, GEO.

- FLTSATCOM C, 1980/01/17, ETR, Atlas Centaur, GEO.

- FLTSATCOM D, 1980/10/30, ETR, Atlas Centaur, GEO.

- FLTSATCOM E, 1981/08/06, ETR, Atlas Centaur, GEO.

First launch 1978/02/09

flug.....German for flight.

flugzeugträger.....German for carrier.

FMPT.....Japan, satellite, technology. FIRST MATERIAL PROCESSING TEST SATELLITE. First launch ?

Foale, Michael.....U.S., astronaut, STS-45, 1992/03/24, STS-56, 1993/04/08, STS-63, 1995/02/03, STS-084, 1997/05/15, STS-103, 1999/12/19, SOYUZ TMA 3, 2003/10/18. First launch 1992/03/24

Fobos.....Russia, Phobos.

FOBOS.....Russia, satellite, see PHOBOS.

FOBS.....Russia, satellite, FRACTIONAL ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT SYSTEM. First launch 1967/01/25

Focke-Wulf.....Europe, aerospace company, Joined with Weser-Flug and Heinkel in early 1960s to become VFW.

Fokker.....Europe, aerospace company, became part of Daimler-Benz Aerospace in 1995.

Foot-pound-second system.....Units of measure, see FPS.

Footprint.....A set of signal-level contours, drawn on a map or globe, showing the performance of a high-gain satellite antenna. Usually applied to geostationary satellites.

Ford Aerospace.....U.S., aerospace company, purchased by Loral in 1990.

forerunner.....précursers (Fr),, vorläufer (D).

Forest Royal DD 872.....USS Forest Royal DD 872, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 2, GEMINI 11.

FORMOSA SATELLITE.....Taiwan, satellite, see ROCSAT.

FORMOSAT.....Taiwan, satellite, scientific. Also known as ROCAST 1. First launch 1998/01/26

FORPOST.....Russia, satellite, communications, military. Also known as 11F626.

Forrestal CVA 59.....USS Forrestal CVA 59, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 6.

Forrester, Pat.....U.S., astronaut, STS-105, 2001/08/10. First launch 2001/08/10

FORTE.....U.S., satellite, scientific, LEO. Test technology to monitor compliance with arms control treaties. FAST ON-ORBIT RECORDING OF TRANSIENT EVENTS. First launch 1997/08/29

Fossum, Michael E......U.S., astronaut, STS-121, 2006/07/04. First launch 2006/07/04

foton.....Russia, photon.

Foton Central Serialized Design Bureau.....Russia, organization, Kuibyshev. See TsSKB.

FOTON.....Russia, scientific satellite to continue space materials studies. Also known as 34KS.

- FOTON 1, 1988/04/14, Plesetsk, SL-4, LEO, recovered 1988/04/28.

- FOTON 2, 1989/04/26, Plesetsk, SL-4, LEO, recovered 1989/05/11.

- FOTON 3, 1990/04/11, Plesetsk, SL-4, LEO, recovered 1990/04/27.

- FOTON 4, 1991/10/04, Plesetsk, SL-4, LEO, recovered 1991/10/20.

- FOTON 5, 1992/10/08, Plesetsk, SL-4, LEO, recovered 1992/10/24.

First launch 1988/04/14

FOTON-M.....Russia, satellite, improved FOTON. Robotic microgravity Laboratory

Fox DD 829.....USS Fox DD 829, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 8.

FPS.....Units of measure, Foot-pound-second system or English Engineering System. Used in the United States. Most other countries use SI units.

- length - foot [ft]

- mass - pound [lb]

- time - seconds [s].

Fr.....France, France.

FR.....France, satellites, scientific. FRENCH Satellite. Investigated very-low frequency electromagnetic waves.

FR-1, 1965/12/06, WTR, Scout.

FR-2, 1971/08/16, WI, Scout, EOLE.

First launch 1965/12/06

Fra Mauro.....Moon, space vehicle launch site, for APOLLO I4 ANTARES. First launch 1971/02/06


fram.....Norway, forward, exploration ship.

FRAM.....Russia, satellite. Based upon the ZENIT 4MKM platform. First launch ?

Franc.....Belgium. Currency of Belgium.

France.....1) Member of ESA.

2) Launch sites, Hammaguir, Algeria, and Kourou, French Guiana.

3) Launch vehicles; Diamant, Ariane.

4) Currency - Euro €, was the Franc ₣.

5) Date convention, Day, Month, Year.

6) First satellite ASTERIX 1, launched by Diamant at Hammaguir, Algeria. First launch 1965/11/26

Frank De Winne.....U.S., astronaut, SOYUZ TMA 1, 2002/10/30. First launch 2002/10/30

Frank Knox DD 742.....USS Frank Knox DD 742, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 9.

Freedom Star.....U.S., ship. recovers the STS solid rocket Boosters after each launch. Sister ship is Liberty Star. Until 1984, the shippes were leased by NASA from UTC and were known as the UTC Freedom and UTC Liberty. In 1984 Mortion Thiokol took over the ships and renamed them Freedom Star and Liberty Star.

FREEDOM 7.....U.S., satellite, manned Spacecraft MERCURY, MR-3. First launch 1961/04/25

Fregat.....Russia, launch vehicle, 3rd state of Soyuz-U launch vehicle. Uses S5.92 engine. Placed IRDT & DUMSAT in orbit. First launch 2000/02/08

Freja.....Sweden, Freya, goddess of love, beauty, fecundity, and leader of the Valkyries.

FREJA.....Sweden, satellite, scientific. Launched by China at Shuang Cheng Tzu by CZ-2C, for ionospheric and magnetospheric studies. First launch 1992/10/06

Freja-C.....Sweden, satellite bus, Swedish Space Corporation, micro satellite.

French Francs.....France, currency.

French Guiana.....Guiana, space vehicle launch facility. Location of the Guiana Space Center, Guiana, South America.

FRENCH SATELLITE.....France, satellite. See FR

Frey.....Norse, god of sea, fertility.

Freya.....Norse, goddess of love.

Frick, Stephen N......U.S., astronaut, STS-110, 2002/04/08. First launch 2002/04/08

FRIENDSHIP 7.....U.S., satellite, manned spacecraft MERCURY, MA-6. First launch 1962/02/20

FRIENDSHIP SEVEN.....U.S., satellite, manned spacecraft MERCURY, MA-6.

Frimout, Dirk.....Belgium, astronaut, STS-45, 1992/03/24. First launch 1992/03/24

FROG OTOLITH.....U.S. NASA, satellite, scientific. Frogs were launched into space to study the inner ear. Also known as OFO, ORBITING FROG OTOLITH. Launched at Wallops Island by a Scout, recovered 1971/05/09. First launch 1970/11/09

FS-1300.....U.S., satellite bus, Space Systems/Loral. GEO/MEO.

FS1300HL.....U.S., satellite bus, Loral satellite bus.

FSB.....Russia, satellite, service module for KVANT. First launch 1987/03/31

FSS.....U.S. satellite, communications, Broadband, GEO. First launch 1999/12/19

FSW.....China, satellite. See FANHUI SHI WEIXING.

FTO.....Failed to Orbit

FTV.....Flight test vehicle.

Fucino.....Italy, ESA, organization, tracking station. Telespzazio SpA DAG-PRL, Attn: Dr. A. Calcagni, Via Alberto Bergamini 50, I00159 Roma, Italy.

Fuel.....The chemical that decomposes and combines with an oxidizer (usually oxygen) to provide the thermal energy in a rocket engine/motor. Sometimes the term is used for propellant.

Fuglesang, Christer.....U.S., astronaut, STS-116, 2006/12/09. First launch 2006/12/09

Fuji.....Geographical location, Japan, Mount Fuji.

FUJI.....Japan, satellite, communications. First JAPAN AMATEUR SATELLITE (JAS-1a).

- JAS 1, 1986/08/12, Tanegashima, H-I, FUJI 1.

- JAS 1B, 1990/02/07, Tanegashima, H-I, FUJI 2.

- JAS 2, 1996/08/17, Tanegashima, LEO, H-II, FUJI 3, FUJI OSCAR 29, FO 29.

First launch 1986/08/12

Fullerton, Gordon.....U.S., astronaut, STS-3, 1982/03/22, STS-51F (19), 1985/07/29. First launch 1982/03/22

FUNCTIONAL CARGO BLOCK.....Russia, satellite. See FGB.

Furrer, Reinhard.....Germany, astronaut, STS-61A (22), 1985/10/30. First launch 1985/10/30

Furse DD 882.....USS Furse DD 882, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 8, GEMINI 4.

Fuse.....U.S., satellite bus, Orbital Sciences Corp. LEO.

FUSE.....U.S. NASA, satellite, scientific, LEO SSO. FAR-ULTRAVIOLET SPECTROSCOPY EXPLORER. Launched at WTR by a Delta.. Also known as SMEX. First launch 1999/06/24

fusée.....France, rocket.

FUTURE IMAGERY ARCHITECTURE.....U.S., satellite, electro optical. See FIA.

Fuyo.....Japan, Rose Mallow.

FUYO.....Japan, satellite, see JERS-1.

FW-4.....U.S., launch vehicle motor.

FW-S4.....U.S., launch vehicle motor, solid propellant, manufactured by UTC.

FY.....China, satellite. See FENG YUN.

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