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QQW.....China, satellite, technology.

- QQW 01, 1990 081B, 1990/09/03, Taiyuan, CZ-4, LEO, 1991/03/11.

- QQW 02, 1990 081C, 1990/09/03, Taiyuan, CZ-4, LEO, 1991/07/24.

First launch 1990/09/03

QUAKESAT.....U.S., satellite, scientific, LEO Polar. Measures extremly low frequency radion emissions from seismic activity. First launch 2003/06/30

QUANT.....Russia, satellite. See KVANT and MIR.

QUANTUM.....Russia, satellite. See KVANT and MIR.

Quasi-periodic orbit.....An orbit whose period is nearly or almost periodic.

QUASI-ZENITH.....Japan, satellite, global positioning, 3 satellite constellation. First launch 2008/00/00

QUEST.....U.S., satellite, ISSA module. Launched by STS-104. First launch 2001/07/21

Quest-Aviation.....Europe, aerospace company, became part of Sud-aviation in 1960.

Quetzalcoatl.....Aztec, Venus god.

QUI.....U.S. & Equador, organization. Also known as Quito Station. See NASA STDN tracking station, Quito, Equador. Closed.

QUICK LOOK SALT CHECKUP.....U.S. DoD, satellite. Part of SAMOS series, Vandenberg. First launch 1972/05/25


QUICKBIRD.....U.S. satellite, remote sensing. See also WORLDVIEW. First launch 2000/11/20

QUICKTOMS.....U.S., satellite, ozone mapping. Based upon the OSC Microstar satellite bus. FTO. First launch 2001/09/21

QUIKSAT.....U.S., satellite, scientific, LEO Sun-sync. First launch 1999/06/19

QUILL.....U.S., satellite, active radar reconnaissance, LEO. First launch 1964/12/21

Quito Station.....Ecuador/U.S., organization, NASA, STDN, Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network. Quito Station, Quito, Ecuador

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