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WA.....Launch vehicle motor, Curtiss-Wright Corp. (cancelled, use CW).

Wac Corporal.....U.S., rocket, upper atmosphere geophysics. First launch 1945/09/27

Wadleigh.....USS Wadleigh, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Redstone 3.

waiting.....attente (Fr)., erwartung (D).

Wakata, Koichi.....Japan, astronaut, NASDA, STS-72, 1996/01/11, STS-092, 2000/10/11. First launch 1996/01/11

WAKE SHIELD FACILITY.....U.S., satellite, see WSF.

Waldron DD 699.....USS Waldron DD 699, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 6, GEMINI 7.

Walheim, Rex J......STS-110, 2002/04/08. First launch 2002/04/08

walk in space.....sortie (Fr), raumfahrt (D).

Walker, Charles.....U.S., astronaut, STS-41D (12), 1984/08/30, STS-51D (16), 1985/04/12, STS-61B (23), 1985/11/26. First launch 1984/08/30

Walker, David.....U.S., astronaut, STS-30, 1989/05/04, STS-51A (14), 1984/11/08, STS-53, 1992/12/02, STS-69, 1995/09/07. First launch 1984/08/30

Walker DD 517.....USS Walker DD 517, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 8.

walking orbit.....Orbit. Using the gravitational influences from other bodies (e.g. sun, moon) or the gravitational anomalies (non-spherical planet, unevenly distributed mass of planet) to change a satellites orbit about a planet. Also known as precessing orbit.

Wallace Lind DD 703.....USS Wallace Lind DD 703, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 11.

Wallen.....USS Wallen, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Redstone 4.

Wallops Flight Center.....U.S., organization, NASA, STDN, Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network. Wallops Flight Center Code C & CSS, Wallops Island, VA 23337 See Wallops Flight Facility.

Wallops Flight Facility.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility, NASA. Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA 23337. 37.9o N, 75.4o W. Wallops island is part of the Delmarva Peninsula on the coast of Virginia. It was one of the earliest launch sites, dating from 1945. It has safe launch direction to the east and southeast. While many of the Flights are sounding rockets, many small satellites have been launched using Scout launch vehicles. NASA has launched several non-U.S. Satellites from this site. The facility can launch Scout, Conestoga, Orbital Express and Taurus for low and medium lift earth orbit and suborbital Missions. POC NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Wallops Island, VA 23337, U.S.

- Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Flight Facility, in 1981/00/00

- Wallops Flight Center, in 1974/04/26

- Wallops Station, in 1958/00/00.

- Pilotless Aircraft Research Station, 00/00/1945. First launch Tiamet research rocket.


Wallops Island.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. Wallops Island, VA, NASA. See Wallops Flight Facility

Wallops Station.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility, NASA. Wallops Station, Wallops Island, VA 23337. Renamed Wallops Flight Facility. 1958/00/00

Walter, Ulrich.....Germany, astronaut, STS-055, 1993/04/26. First launch 1993/04/26

Walz, Carl.....U.S., astronaut, STS-51, 1993/09/12, STS-65, 1994/07/08, STS-79, 1996/09/16, Expedition 4, 2001/12/5. First launch 1993/09/12

Wan Hu.....China. See astronaut, first

Wang, Taylor.....U.S., astronaut, STS-51B (17), 1985/04/29. First launch 1985/04/29

Warrington DD 843.....USS Warrington DD 843, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 8.

Washington, D.C......U.S., NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., U.S.

Wasp.....USS Wasp, LDH 1, prime recovery ship for GEMINI 4, 6, 7, 9, 12.

Watertown.....USNS Watertown. See tracking ship.

weather satellite.....See meteorological satellite.

WEATHER EYE.....U.S., satellite, see VANGUARD 2. First launch 1959/02/17

WEBB.....U.S., James Webb, NASA’s 2nd manager from 1961 to 1968, lead APOLLO Program.

WEBB TELESCOPE.....U.S., satellite, astronomy telescope. See JWST.

Webbs Giant.....Russia, launch vehicle, see N-1.

Weber, Mary.....U.S., astronaut, STS-70, 1995/07/13, STS-101, 2000/5/19. First launch 1995/07/13

WEBERSAT.....U.S. satellite, telecommunications. WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY, UTAH, SATELLITE. Also known as MICROSAT 3 or OSCAR 18. First launch 1990/01/22

Weeks DD 701.....USS Weeks DD 701, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 5.


Weinan tracking station.....China, organization, tracking station located in Sechuan province. See China satellite tracking stations and Xi'an Satellite Testing and Monitoring Center, China.

weiss.....German for white.

Weitz, Paul.....U.S., astronaut, APOLLO/SKYLAB 2, 1973/05/22, STS-6, 1983/04/04. First launch 1973/05/22

weltraum.....German for Space.

WEOS.....Japan, satellite, remote sensing, LEO. WHALE EARTH OBSERVATION SATELLITE. Relays signals from transmitters attached to Whales. First launch 2002/12/14

Weser-Flug.....Europe, aerospace company, became part Focke-Wulf in 1965.

WEST.....Europe, satellite, telecommunications, WIDEBAND EUROPEAN SATELLITE TELECOMMUNICATIONS, combination of GEO and LEO. First launch 2003/00/00

WEST FORD.....U.S., satellite, see WESTFORD.

WEST FORD DRAG.....U.S., satellite, see WESTFORD.

WESTAR.....U.S., satellite, communications. First U.S. domestic synchronous orbit communications satellite.


- WESTAR 01, 1974 022A, 1974/04/13, ETR, Thorad Delta, GEO.

- WESTAR 02, 1974 075A, 1974/10/10, ETR, Thorad Delta, GEO.

- WESTAR 03, 1979 072A, 1979/08/10, ETR, Delta, GEO.

- WESTAR 04, 1982 014A, 1982/02/26, ESMC, Delta 3910, GEO.

- WESTAR 05, 1982 058A, 1982/06/09, ESMC, Delta, GEO.

- WESTAR 06, 1984 011B, 1984/02/03, STS-41B, CHALLENGER, GEO, WESTAR 06 recovered BY STS 51A 1984/11/15.

First launch 1974/04/13

Western Europe.....Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Western Range.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. It is located at Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), CA, U.S. north of Los Angeles. The nearest communities are Lompoc and Santa Maria, CA. The facility can launch Atlas, Aquila, Conestoga, Delta, Lockheed Launch Vehicle, Orbex, Pegasus, and Taurus for sun synchronous, polar orbits, and suborbital missions Abbreviation WR. Also see WSMC and WTR.

WESTFORD.....U.S., satellite, communications, passive, uses small metal needles.

- WESTFORD, 1961/10/21, Vandenberg, Atlas LV-3A/Agena B, MEO, MIDAS 4.

- WEST FORD DRAG, 1962/04/09, Vandenberg, Atlas LV-3A/Agena B, MEO, MIDAS 5.

- WESTFORD, 1963/05/09, Vandenberg, Atlas LV-3A/Agena B, MEO, MIDAS 6..

First launch 1961/10/21

Westinghouse Electronics Systems Group.....U.S. aerospace company, purchased by Northrop Grumman in 1996.

WESTPAC.....Australia, micosatellite, geodetic, LEO, launched from Baikonur on a Zenit-2, 1998 043E. First launch 1998/07/10

Wetherbee, James.....U.S., astronaut, STS-32, 1990/01/09, STS-052, 1992/10/22, STS-63, 1995/02/03, STS-086, 1997/09/25, STS-102, 2001/03/08, STS-113, 2002/11/24. First launch 1990/01/09

WFF.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. See Wallops Flight Facility.

WFNA.....Launch vehicle propellant, liquid. White fuming nitric acid.

WGS.....U.S., satellite, laser communications. Uses the Boeing 702 satellite bus. Part of the WIDEBAND GAPFILLER SYSTEM. Will replace DSCS. See also GAPFILLER. 2006/00/00

white.....blanc (Fr), weiss (D).

White, Edward.....U.S., astronaut, GEMINI 4, 1965/06/03. First launch 1965/06/03

White fuming nitric acid.....Launch vehicle propellant, liquid. Anhydrous nitric acid (HNO3).

White, Robert.....See X-15.

White Sands.....U.S., organization, NASA, STDN, Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network. White Sands-GNGT, Attention: Station Director, White Sands STDN Station, P.O. Drawer GSC, Las Cruces, NM 88004.

White Sands Missile Range.....U.S., organization. See White Sands Test Facility.

White Sands Test Facility.....U.S., organization. Sounding rocket and missile test range, launch site, near White Sands, NM. It is a NASA research laboratory near Las Cruces, NM, next to the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Test Range. NASA test rocket engines and power systems. No launches are made from the NASA facility, but sub orbital launches are made from the Army Range. The first captured V-2 rockets were launched from here. W.S. Space Harbor, shuttle Orbiter (STS) landing site. Abbreviation WSTF. White Sands Proving Ground established 1945/02/20.

WHITE CLOUD.....U.S. DOD, satellite, surveillance. All weather, ocean surveillance, tethered by wires..See PARCAE.

- WHITE CLOUD, 1971/12/14, Vandenberg, LT Thor Agena D, OPS 7898 P/L 1 through 4.

- WHITE CLOUD, 1989 072A, 1989/09/05, Vandenberg, Titan II, USA 45.

First launch 1989/09/05

Whitson, Peggy.....U.S., astronaut, STS-111, 2002/06/05. First launch 2002/06/05

WI.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. Wallops Island, VA. See Wallops Flight Facility.

WIDE FILED INFRARED EXPLORER.....U.S., NASA, satellite, scientific. See WIRE.

WIDE FILED PLANETARY CAMERA.....U.S. NASA, HUBBLE telescope satellite serviced. First launch 1993/12/02



WIDEBAND INTERNETWORKING ENGINEERING TEST AND DEMONSTRATION SATELLITE.....Japan, JAXA, satellite, telecommunications. Also known as WINDS. First launch 2007/00/00

WIDEFIELD INFRARED SURVEY EXPLORER.....U.S., satellite, scientific. First launch 2008/00/00

WIFSSATS.....India, satellite, Earth observation, crop and forest mapping.

WIKA.....French and Germany, satellite, see DIAL-WIKA.

Wilcutt, Terrence.....U.S., astronaut, STS-68, 1994/09/30, STS-79, 1996/09/16, STS-089, 1998/01/22, STS-106 2000/9/8. First launch 1994/09/30

WILDBLUE.....U.S., satellite, communications, GEO. Loral Broadband, uses SS/L 300 bus. First launch 2006/12/08

Wilkinson .....U.S., David T. Wilkinson (1935-2002) one of the leades of COB and MAP satellites.


Williams, Dafydd (David).....Canada, astronaut, STS-090, 1998/04/17. First launch 1998/04/17

Williams, Donald.....U.S., astronaut, STS-34, 1989/10/18, STS-51D (16), 1985/04/12. First launch 1985/04/12

Williams, Jeffrey.....U.S., astronaut, STS-101, 2000/5/19, SOYUZ TMA 8 Expedition 13, 2006/03/30. First launch 2000/05/19

Williams, Sunita "Suni".....U.S., astronaut, STS-116 Expedtion 14, 2006/12/09. First launch 2006/12/09

Willie McCool.....U.S., astronaut, STS-107, 2003/01/16. First launch 2003/01/16

Wilson DD 847.....USS Wilson DD 847, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: GEMINI 3, GEMINI 9.

Wilson, Stephanie.....U.S., astronaut, STS-121, 2006/07/04. First launch 2006/07/04

WIND.....U.S. & Japan & ESA, satellite, scientific. Joint venture, to study the solar wind and its interactions with earth. Placed in a figure-eight orbit extending one million km from earth, by the U.S. Part of the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics program.

WIND, 1994 071A, 1994/11/01, ESMC, Delta 2, HEO.

First launch 1994/11/01


Winged spacecraft.....U.S. see X-15

Winkfield Station.....England/U.S., organization, NASA, STDN, Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network. Winkfield Station, Berkshire, England.

WIRE.....U.S. NASA, satellite, scientific. WIDE-FILED INFRARED EXPLORER. Observe galaxy formation with cryogenic telescope. FTO. First launch 1998/04/03

Wisoff, Jeff.....U.S., astronaut, STS-57, 1993/06/21, STS-68, 1994/09/30, STS-81, 1997/01/12, STS-092, 2000/10/11. First launch 1993/06/21

Witek DD 702.....USS Witek DD 702, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 6.

WLOD.....U.S., organization. See KSC WLOD.

WMAP.....U.S., satellite, see MAP.

Wolf, David.....U.S., astronaut, STS-58, 1993/10/18, STS-086, 1997/09/25, STS-089, 1998/01/22. First launch 1993/10/18

woman in space, first.....Russian, Valentina Tereshkova, VOSTOK 6. 1963/06/16

WOO.....Australia, space vehicle launch facility, Woomera. See Woomera.

WOODY.....U.S., satellite, spy. Also known as K-19. First launch 1995/07/10

Woomera.....Australia, space vehicle launch facility. Also used for sounding rockets, low earth orbit, and polar satellites. 30.95o S, 136.5o E. The name Woomera is derived from an Aboriginal Native word given to a throwing stick used at arm level for extra spear throwing power. It is located about 500 km northwest of Adelaide in the state of South Australia. Two launch sites are available at Rangehead and Lake Hart. It has launched one satellite WRESAT, using a modified Redstone C in November 29, 1967 and another on 1971/10/28 using a Black Arrow rocket. POC COSSA.

Worden, Alfred.....U.S., astronaut, APOLLO 15, 1971/07/26. First launch 1971/07/26

Working fluid.....The matter in a fluid state, ejected from a rocket engine/motor that imparts thrust through a change in momentum of the working fluid. Also known as propellant, fuel, oxidizer.

WorldSpace.....U.S., aerospace company, commercial satellite operator, communications, AFRISTAR, AMERISTAR, ASIASTAR. Address: 2400 N Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037, USA. Old address: 11 DuPont Circle, 9th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20036, USA.

WORLDSPACE.....U.S., satellite, direct broadcast communications, GEO, 3 satellite constellation. Will Also be known as AFRISTAR, ASIASTAR, and CARIBSTAR. First launch 1998/10/28

WORLDSTAR.....U.S., satellite, communications, GEO.

WORLDVIEW.....U.S., satellite, reconnaissance, commercial. Also known as QUICKBIRD.

WR.....Launch vehicle motor, Williams Research Corp.

wrapper.....bonde (Fr), streif-(franko)band (D).

WRE.....Australia, Salisbury, organization, Weapons Research Establishment, formed in 1955 in a reorganization of the RAAF unit largely responsible for Woomera. Housed at Salisbury, 480km from Woomera.

Wren DD 568.....USS Wren DD 568, recovery ship, part of the fleet which recovered or was on duty and capable of recovering the following: MERCURY Atlas 7.

WRESAT.....Australia, satellite, scientific. WEAPONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT SATELLITE returned solar radiation and upper atmospheric data.

WRESAT 01, 1967 118A, 1967/11/29, Woomera, Sparta, LEO, decayed 01/10/68.

First launch 1967/11/29

WS.....Europe, satellite, telecommunication. First launch 1998/10/05

WS-1 A/B.....U.S., satellite, DoD designation, see DMSP Block 5D-2, WS-1A; DMSP Block 5D-3, WS-1B.

WS-104A.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Navaho, SM-64. See WS.

WS-107A-1.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Atlas SM-65 (CGM/HGM-16). See WS.

WS-107A-2.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Titan SM-68 (HGM/LGM-25). See WS.

WS-117L.....U.S. DoD System Management Code Reconnaissance Satellite System. See also DoD Designation. Air Force secret project to develop spy satellites. 3 Phases, Pioneer, Advanced, and Surveillance. Renamed DISCOVERER, SENTRY (Later renamed SAMOS, reconnaissance satellite), and MIDAS (infrared missile launch warning satellite). WS-117L program split into two subsystems, E and F.

WS-117M.....U.S., DoD System Management Code, SAMOS Satellite. Became WS-210A. See also WS.

WS-133A.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Minuteman, SM-80 (LGM-30). See WS.

WS-2 A.....U.S., satellite, DoD designation, see,DMSP Block 6.

WS-210A.....U.S., DoD System Management Code, SAMOS Satellite. Was WS-117M. See also WS.

WS-239A.....U.S., DoD System Management Code, MIDAS, also WS-461L. See WS.

WS-315A-1.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes Thor, SM-75 (PGM-17). See WS.

WS-315A-2.....U.S., launch vehicle, DoD System Management Codes, Jupiter SM-78 (PGM-19).

WS-461L.....U.S., DoD System Management Code, MIDAS, also WS-239A. See WS.

WSF.....U.S. satellite. scientific. WAKE SHIELD FACILITY, carrier of MICROGRAVITY experiments. Launched and retrieved by the Space Shuttle.

- WSF 01, 1995 048C, 1995/09/08, STS 69, ENDEAVOR, LEO, 1995/09/18.

- WSF 02, 1996 065C, 1996/11/23, STS-80, COLUMBIA, LEO, 1996/12/07.

First launch 1995/09/08

WSMC.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. Western Space and Missile Center. See Vandenberg, AFB, CA.

WSMR.....U.S., organization. White Sands Missile Range. See White Sands Test Facility.

WSPG.....U.S., organization, see White Sands Proving Gound Test Facility.

WTR.....U.S., space vehicle launch facility. Western Test Range. See Vandenberg AFB, CA.

WV.....Launch vehicle motor, United Aircraft of West Virginia.

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