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Z.....Launch vehicle propellant, solid, fuel, Zinc.

Z23.....Italy, launch vehicle motor, see Zefiro 23.

Z9.....Italy, launch vehicle motor, see Zefiro 9.

Zalyotin, Sergey V......Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ TM 30, 2000/04/04, SOYUZ TMA 1, 2002/10/30. First launch 2000/4/4

zarya.....Russia, dawn or sunrise.

ZARYA.....Russia, satellite, propulsion module for ISSA. See 14F70 or 17K or 17KS, 77KM, 1A/R ISSA, ALPHA FGB, ZARYA FGB. Launched at Baikonur by a Proton 8K82K into LEO. Maneuvering engine 11D422, attitude control motor 11D444 and 17D583. First launch 1998/11/20

ZARYA FGB.....Russia, satellite, see ZARYA.

Zefiro 23.....Italy, launch vehicle motor, thrust 200,000 lbf (900 kN), pressure 1378 psi (95 bar), solid propellant HTPB 1912. Manufactured by Fiat Avio. Used on the Vega launch vehicle stage 2.

Zefiro-9.....Italy, launch vehicle motor, thrust 68,500 lbf (305 kN), pressure 970 psi (67 bar), solid propellant HTPB 1912. Manufactured by Fiat Avio. Used on the Vega launch vehicle stage 3.

zenit.....Russia, zenith.

Zenit.....Russia/Ukraine, launch vehicle, LEO. ЗЕНТ Designed specifically to launch satellites, in use between 1985 and 1990. Flights of the Zenit have resumed under the auspices of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Known as 11K77, J-1 or SL-16 Capable of placing 30300 lbs (13900 kg) into LEO.

- Zenit 2, 30,700 lbm (13740 kg), LEO. Stage 1, RD-170. Stage 2, 2 RD-120 and RD-8.

- Zenit 2SLB, 30,700 lbm (13,900 kg). Stage 1 (Block A) RD-171 engine. Stage 2 (Block B), RD-120 (11D123) main engine plus RD 8 vernier vernier.

- Zenit 3SL, 3,750 lbs (1700 kg), GEO (Sea Launch).  Stage 1 (Block A) RD-171 engine. Stage 2 (Block B), RD-120 (11D123) main engine plus RD-8 vernier, Block DM-SL. First launch 1999/3/27.

- Zenit, 3SLB, 3,300 lbm (1500 kg), GEO. Same as Zenit SL.

First launch 1985/04/13

ZENIT.....Russia, military, satellite, surveillance. Also known as

- ZENIT-2, 11F61, basis for VOSTOK.

- ZENIT-2M, GEKTOR, 11F690. First launch 1968/03/21.

- ZENIT 4M, 1968/10/31, 11F691.

- ZENIT 4MK, 11F692, GERMES.

- ZENIT 4MKM, 11F692M, L'GERAKL', first launch 1977/07/12.

- ZENIT 4MKT, 11F635, first launch 1975/09/25, FRAM.

- ZENIT 4MT, 11F629, ORION.

- ZENIT 4, 1964/05/18, 11F69, was VOSTOK 4, 11F64.

- ZENIT 6, 11F645, first launch 1976/11/24, ARGON.

- ZENIT 8, 1984/07/27, 17F116, OBLIK.

Given subclassifications of HECTOR, HERMES, HERACLES, FRAM, ORION, ARGON ROTOR, and OBLIK. Not to be confused with the Russian launch vehicle known as Zenit.

zenith.....Orbital component. The point in the celestial sky directly above the observer. For satellites, the arbitrarily defined up and away from the satellite, opposite the body the satellite is orbiting.

zeta.....Ζ, ζ, zeta, 6, Greek Alphabet.

Zeus.....Greece, Jupiter god, ruler.

Zeya.....Geographical location, Russia, Zeya river.

ZEYA.....Russia, military communication satellite.

- ZEYA 1, 1997/03/04, Svobodny, Start-1.

First launch 1997/03/04

ZH.....China, satellite, imaging, LEO. First launch 2002/10/27

Zholobo, Vitali.....Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ 21, 1976/07/06. First launch 1976/07/06

ZHONGWEI.....China, satellite, communications. Also known as CHINASTAR 1. First launch 1998/05/30

ZHONGXING.....China, satellite, communications, GEO.

ZHONGZING.....China, satellite, communications, GEO. Was the SHIYONG TONGBU TONGXIN WEIXING. First launch 2000/01/25

ZI YUAN.....China, satellite, see ZIYUAN.

Zinc.....Launch vehicle propellant, solid, fuel. Chemical symbol Z.

Zirconium.....Launch vehicle propellant, solid, fuel. Chemical symbol Zr.

ziyuan.....Chinese for resources.

ZIYUAN.....China, satellite, scientific research, Polar orbit, LEO SSO. Used CBERS satellite bus. Also known as ZY, ZI YUAN, and JIANBING. First launch 1999/10/14

Zohreh.....Iran, Venus.

ZOHREH.....Iran, satellite, mobile communications, GEO.

zond.....Russia, probe.

ZOND.....Russia, satellite. Automatic spacecraft development test. Planetary probe.

- ZOND 01, 1964 017A, 1964/04/02, Tyuratam, Sl-6, heliocentric, Venus probe.

- ZOND 02, 1964 078C, 1964/11/30, Tyuratam, SL-6, Heliocentric, MARS PROBE.

- ZOND 03, 1965 056A, 1965/07/18, Tyuratam, SL-6, Heliocentric, LUNAR FLYBY.

- ZOND, None, 1967/11/22, Tyuratam, SL-12, FTO.

- ZOND 04, 1968 013A, 1968/03/02, Tyuratam, SL-12, Lunar trajectory.

- ZOND, None, 1968/04/22, Tyuratam, SL-12, FTO.

- ZOND 05, 1968 076A, 1968/09/14, Tyuratam, SL-12, Lunar trajectory, recovered 1968/09/21.

- ZOND 06, 1968 101A, 1968/11/10, Tyuratam, SL-12, Circumlunar, recovered 1968/11/17.

- ZOND, None, 1969/01/20, Tyuratam, SL-12, FTO.

- ZOND 07, 1969 067A, 1969/08/07, Tyuratam, SL-12, Circumlunar, recovered 1969/08/14.

- ZOND 08, 1970 088A, 1970/10/20, Tyuratam, SL-12, Circumlunar, Reocvered1970/10/27.

First launch 1964/04/02

ZONGXIN.....China, satellite. See CHINASAT

ZONGXING.....China, satellite, communications, GEO. Also known as ZOND.

Zoudov, Viatcheslav.....Russia, cosmonaut. See Zudov.

Zudov, Vyacheslav.....Russia, cosmonaut, SOYUZ 23, 1976/10/14. First launch 1976/10/14

ZUKHRE.....Iran, satellite, communications. Built by NPO PM.

Zulu.....See coordinated universal time.

zündung.....German for ignition.

Zvezchny Gorodok.....Russia, see Star Town.

ZVEZDA.....Russia, satellite, part of ISSA 1R, LEO, launched by Proton K. First launch 2000/07/12

ZVEZDA.....Russia, satellite, reconnaissance. Also known as SOYUZ-IV or 11F73.

ZY.....China, satellite. See ZIYUAN.

Zyb.....Russia, launch vehicle, 1430 lbs (650 kg), LEO. Commercial version of the SS-N-6 Serb.

Zyklon.....Russia, launch vehicle, see Tsyklon.

ZZ.....Launch vehicle motor, any contractor not listed (also used, if contractor is not yet determined).

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